SEYMTK©Microsilica is a powder mineral admixture composed of submicron particles of silicon dioxide and manufactured as a co-product from the production of silicon and ferrosilicon metal. When added to concrete, SEYMTK© Microsilica acts as both micro filler, improving the physical structure by occupying the spaces between the cement particles and as a 'pozzolan,' reacting chemically to impart far greater strength and durability to concrete.

When added to precast and ready-mixed concrete, SEYMTK© Microsilica produces high­performance, high-strength concrete with an increased life-span and improved structural economics.

SEYMTK© Microsilica is ideal for use in structures exposed to chemical and environmental attack.

SEYMTK© Microsilica conforms to ASTM C-1240 and EN 13263:2005 standards for use in concrete applications.