SEYMTK©provides Kuwait market with high quality of Micro Silica to meet the end users needs in producing high performance concrete, super pozzolonic mineral additive for cement based materials like Cementatious Products. SEYMTK Micro Silica originates from the production of silicon metal and Ferro-Silicon Alloys. The material consists of amorphous, spherical particles with bulk density of 600-650 kg/m3, and in the form of un densified Silica Fume. Through a process we will increase the bulk density of the undensified Silica fume and the material is then produced as densified Micro Silica (Silica Fume).

SEYMTK Micro Silica is manufactured with stringent quality and environmental control and it meets the mandatory requirement of the international standards. For more information about SEYMTK Micro Silica please refer to the Technical Data Sheet below.

Comparison of International Silica Fume Standards: The figures mentioned on the table is the mandatory chemical and physical requirement. The following Data Sheet will give you micro silica specification in different standards as well as our the SEYMTK Micro Silica standard’s. To know more about SEYMTK Silica fume, please contact Kuwait SEYMTK for General Trading Company or visit our website for online enquiries.